Instructional Coaching and Student Work

The title says it all!!!  One of my main priorities as an instructional coach is to develop capacity in teachers and therefore impact student learning.  As I reflect (and I do that a lot) on this school year as it gets closer and closer to ending, I can’t help but be proud of the work that our students have done in all areas, especially in digital learning.  Not only have they learned from the teachers and me, we have learned from them.

Recently, I asked some 5th grade students to help me with a presentation.  The presentation was to be a showcase of what our school had done with digital learning this year.  At first I thought I would have to give the students a lot of directions and guidance.  I was totally off base on that!!!  They created a Powtoon and a Screencastify to display our digital learning this year.  I am so proud of them.  Here’s the link to their Powtoon LRES Powtoon Digital Learning.

I plan to continue learning and growing this summer.  I’ve been selected to be a presenter for the @CCSTechCamp.  At this camp, I will show teachers how to create teacher and student blogs, how to create a Symbaloo and hyperdocs.  I have also been asked to do an too!!  This will be a first for me but I accept the challenge.

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As I sat in my Instructional Coaches’ meeting yesterday #icccs, I wondered if I had been effective in creating a safe and innovative learning environment for the teachers I work with.  I am currently reading The Innovator’s Mindset by George Couros and it has left me wondering as well.  I wonder if I’ve created and nurtured relationships with teachers that allows them to want to learn, lead and innovate.  I wonder if I have the characteristics of an innovator’s mindset. Only time will tell.

I was the recipient of a Communities in Schools CIS grant this week.  With the focus on having an innovator’s mindset, my intent for this grant is to purchase digital resources for use in the classroom.  Two specific resources are the #sphero and #breakoutEDU.  I wonder if these resources will empower learning, unleash talent and develop a culture of creativity.

All these wonderings…


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5th Grade Success

What a fabulous PLC I had with my 5th grade team today!!!!  Our grade level chairperson led the part of the meeting where we discuss what’s called the Collaborative Planning Form.  We have a new teacher on our team so we were very deliberate when using this form and allowing her to ask any questions that had about how we begin with the standards and plan from there.  Building teacher capacity is one of the goals of having a true learning community.

The PLC also included the teachers learning about Sphero.  They were more than excited!!  At our next PLC, we will learn more about Sphero and it can be used in the classrooms.

Lastly, each teacher shared how she had used some of the digital tools that we had learned about over the first semester in the classroom.  I was elated to hear that they all had a Google Classroom set up.  They had all used Padlets, Symbaloo, Blendspace and TenMarks, just to name a few.  I hope that this group will want to present at our district technology showcase this summer!!  And, they all created a twitter account at our PLC.  Our twitter hastag is #LRES5thGrade.  Check out what we did at our PLC today on twitter @ LakeRimElem.

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Happy New Year

My Christmas break was fabulous!  My family and I traveled to Texas and visited Dallas and El Paso.  It was a wonderful experience for all of us.

Now it’s time to take that renewal and put it to use with the teachers I work with.  Today was a great day to do just that!  Our 4th grade PLC  (follow us on twitter @Lake Rim) included analyzing student growth using #iReady reading data.  Teachers had a rich discussion on student growth in the major reading areas and how to use this data to plan for their instruction in the coming weeks.

Another discussion was about using #hyperdocs. Our continued focus is on implementing #digital resources into the classroom.   I had introduced hyperdocs to one of the 4th grade teachers before the holiday break.  She was prepared (unbeknownst to me) to share how she was going to use hyperdocs with her students this week!!  I did a brief introduction to hyperdocs and shared resources with teachers.  Then this wonderful teacher actually shared her hyperdocs plans with us.  This is what she shared (Teacher Leader) during our PLC.  I could hear the excitement in her voice and the other teachers were very excited to hear their colleague.  This is what makes my job worth it!!!

I cannot think of a better way to start the year than for teachers to be excited about using digital resources in their classrooms.

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Success in Small Doses

It’s hard to believe the holidays are this close!!!  We are still working to ensure student success.  Take a look at our twitter happenings this week and follow us on Twitter @  Lake Rim Twitter.

During our PLC’s this week, I began the planning sessions by presenting the teacher with a First Semester Reflection Mentimeter.  Their responses were genuine and each teacher shared why they wrote their particular responses.  It was a rich discussion and they are looking forward to the second half of the year with their students.

Our school district also our Reading Rocks Day.  This is a day to continue to emphasize the importance of reading.  Check out our twitter Lake Rim Twitter for pictures of our staff and students.

As I personally and professionally reflect on this year, I am thankful for the experiences with my home and school families.  I look forward to 2017.

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Continued Progress

I am so pleased with our PLC’s this week!!!  Second grade teachers had such a rich discussion about the Common Core Standards.  During our PLC’s, we use a planning document that everyone contributes to.  During the discussion, teachers shared and demonstrated specific teaching strategies.  It was fulfilling to see and hear teachers share their expertise with their peers.  The collaboration was incredible!  Next week, each teacher is responsible for creating a Blendspace for upcoming standards and topics.  I can’t wait to see their Blendspaces!!!

Another one of my responsibilities is that of creating and implementing an instructional coaching cycle for teachers who need additional support in different areas such as classroom management, instructional strategies, etc.  I’ve been working with some specific teachers in a coaching cycle.  Yesterday, one of the teachers with whom I had been working asked for help developing a #padlet for her science lesson.  The instructional coaching cycle consisted of she and I working together to implement digital resources into her lesson planning and ultimately her teaching.  She and I worked closely to develop effective lesson plans which included using digital resources in her teaching.  5th Grade Students Using Padlet